Arja Kastinen: Vaskikantele 1833


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Arja Kastinen (b.1963) received a PhD in Music in 2000 from the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy. Her subject was Karelian kantele improvisation in the 1800’s and the acoustics of the 15-string kantele. The music on this CD is a direct result of that research work. The music is free associations and improvisations around different subjects and playing techniques like yhdysasentoinen and the old sekatekniikka, as well as newer techniques, such as harmonics and mattaääni (damping).

Vaskikantele 1833
1. Laulopa 2:07
2. vesille 1:51
3. purren 2:32
4. Laski 3:08
5. päivän 2:20
6. merivesiä 7:24
7. Toisen on 4:17
8. enovesiä 2:27
9. Kolmannen 1:53
10. kotivesiä 3:06
11. Lauleloo 2:20
12. taiteloo 3:37
13. Laulo 2:59
14. kuusen 5:54
15. kukkalatvan 1:45

All songs by Arja Kastinen
Track names are fragments from a runosong sung in 1833 by Ontrei Malinen to Lönnrot

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Taito Hoffrén
Text by Rauno Nieminen
English translations by Girilal Baars
Photos by AJ Savolainen
Graphic design by Tero Vesterinen
Produced by Taito Hoffrén
Kanteles made by Rauno Nieminen

ISRC: FI7KA0800023—37
EAN: 64 3002409 0109

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